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Here is a collection of dragon drawings taken from sketchbooks I work in daily. These are the drawings I do while waiting around, or spending time in coffee shops. These quick sketches are some of my favourites to do. They are a good way to loosen up, and explore shapes on the paper in preparation for client work, and more refined drawings during the workday.

The sketches in these books are done rapidly, the approach I take here is to make marks continuously on the paper without my mind getting in the way. the marks I put down are quick and gestural. There is no worry about making mistakes, if something goes wrong with the drawing at any point it becomes a puzzle to work my way out of.

The random accidental graphite marks and smudges, marker bleed-through, coffee stains, notes and scribbles from previous days all help to draw out the next dragon. Watching my bird move, dogs running at the park, recalling the feeling of my muscles in dynamic positions, skateboarding, my own hands extending and grasping. all these observations contribute toward a language that results in these sketches.